Z33 Art Box

Z33 Art Box
17.11 à 02.12.2012

For the occasion of 10 years Z33, 13 artists who have had solo presentations in Z33 in the past have each made a limited edition work of art to be included in an art box. Each art box will contain three works of art. As well as the works of art, the boxes themselves are unique collector’s items.

By purchasing an art box you will also be supporting an artistic project for the residents of St. Oda in Overpelt, a residential centre for persons with serious mental and physical disabilities.

Interested in buying a Z33 Art Box? Please contact

The artworks are being exhibited during Z33 Celebrates! - 10 years Z33 on November 17 from 10am-9pm + November 18 from 10am-7pm
+ exhibition open to 02.12.2012 during regular opening hours.


Z33 Kunstbox - Michael Cross - Wind
Z33 Kunstbox - Gabriel Lester - Halfway Into The Unknown
Z33 Kunstbox - Florentijn Hofman - Badeend
Z33 Kunstbox - Studio Job - Industry
Z33 Kunstbox - Numen/For Use - Tape
Z33 Kunstbox - Christophe Coppens - Zonder Titel
Z33 Kunstbox - Peter De Cupere - Smoke Tree
Z33 Kunstbox - Koen Vanmechelen - Genus XY
Z33 Kunstbox - Lawrence Malstaf - Schaalmodel Pavilion
Z33 Kunstbox - Gert Robijns - Post Order Rock
Z33 Kunstbox - Frederic Geurts - Paper and Steel
Z33 Kunstbox - Ives Maes - Message To The Youth
Z33 Kunstbox - Philip Metten - INNERCOMA
Z33 Kunstbox
Z33 Kunstbox - Z33 Feest!
Z33 Kunstbox - Z33 Feest!
Z33 Kunstbox - Z33 Feest!


17.11 à 18.11.2012
17.11 à 02.12.2012
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