Identity Land: space for a million identities

Identity Land: space for a million identities
17.11 à 02.12.2012


by Droog Lab with Erik Kessels
in partnership with Z33

Belgium is one of the few well-known countries that lacks a quintessential national identity. It holds the world record for having endured the longest period without a national government. Historically, it has been a field for foreign battles and conquests; it is a country with constant internal tensions and bureaucratic complexity. It is home to the capital of the European Union, yet its identity is not singular, obvious or outspoken. Belgium embraces multiple identities. It gives space to individuals and their opinions, it prefers diversity - even disagreement and rebellion - over forced consensus and obedience.

With the globalization of ideas, people and goods, and with the rising impact of transnational alliances and networks, positioning a nation state as an isolated entity is becoming obsolete. The quest for a national identity is not only outdated, it makes one ill-prepared to deal with human migration, globalized networks and other forms of international cooperation.
Whereas clinging to a dominant identity can cause alienation, stagnation and conflict, an understated identity fosters much-needed openness. Freedom from nationalism is liberating to visitors and inhabitants alike.

Identity Land - by Droog Lab with Erik Kessels - is an imaginary society that embraces a new post-nationalistic attitude that is spreading around the world. Without a fixed location but with potential to emerge anywhere, Identity Land offers alternative solutions to national sentiments, symbols, services and boundaries, that can be adopted by existing nations or perhaps created by people themselves.

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To visit at Z33 Celebrates! - 10 years Z33 on Saturday November 17 from 10am-9pm + Sunday November 18 from 10am-7pm.
+ to visit until  02.12.2012 during regular opening hours. 

Sunday November 18th (programme in Dutch)
12:45 – 13:45 Debate moderated by Erik Donckier (chief editor politics HBVL)
with Erik Kessels, Noël Slangen (communication advisor), Chokri Mahassine
(Flemish Parliament, Organizer Pukkelpop Rimpelrock-Polsslag), Jan Boelen
(artistic director Z33).
Identity Land tour by Erik Kessels (KesselsKramer)
Droog Lab master class by Renny Ramakers (Droog)


17.11 à 02.12.2012
17.11 à 02.12.2012
17.11 à 18.11.2012
17.11 à 02.12.2012
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