Design my Privacy

exhibition in Vleugel '58
Design my Privacy
27.03 à 29.05.2016

Nowadays, we continually share data: a message via WhatsApp, a picture on Instagram, an update on Facebook or an e-mail through Gmail. With whom do we really share this data? And how can we make sure that our personal data stay strictly personal?

This exhibition addresses issues of online privacy and digital surveillance. Next to several historical examples of encrypting, ‘Design my Privacy’ also shows some surprising contemporary strategies by more than 35 young designers and artists to maintain control over our data.

With work by Roel Roscam Abbing, Zineb Benassarou & Jorick De Quaasteniet, Josh Begley, Dennis de Bel, Caitlin Berner & Jana Blom, Heath Bunting, F.A.T., Giada Fiorindi, Front 404, Roos Groothuizen, Arantxa Gonlag & Eva Maria Martinez Rey, Monika Grūzīte, Rafaël Henneberke, Jan Huijben, Daniel C. Howe & Helen Nissenbaum & Vincent Toubiana, Rosa Menkman, Owen Mundy, Naomi Naus, Joyce Overheul, Ruben Pater, Wim Popelier, Freek Rutkens, Vera van de Seyp, Mark Sheppard, Dimitri Tokmetzis & Yuri Veerman, Janne Van Hooff & Christina Yarashevich, Michaele Lakova, Jasper van Loenen, Jeroen van Loon, Esther Weltevrede & Sabine Niederer, Leanne Wijnsma & Froukje Tan, Joeri Woudstra, Sander Veenhof and Simone Niquille.

An exhibition by MOTI, Museum of the Image in Breda (NL)

Opening Saturday 26.03 at 19h30.

LOCATION: Z33 - house for contemporary art, Vleugel '58, Zuivelmarkt 33, 3500 Hasselt

Free entrance


'Design my Privacy. 8 principles for better privacy design.' by Thijmen Schep, BIS Publishers, ISBN 9789063694371. The Dutch version is for sale at the front desk of the exhibition, 12 euro.

During the opening of the exhibition the publication ‘Design my Privacy’ was presented by Ward Janssen (curator MOTI) and author Thijmen Schep. 


You can book a customized guided tour for your group, students or class. For guided tours in English, French of German, please contact us at or +32 11 295960. For guided tours in Dutch, take a look at the Dutch website.


08.05.2016 de 14u00 à 16u00
exhibition in Vleugel '58
27.03 à 29.05.2016
27.03 à 30.04.2016
27.03 à 29.05.2016
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