Alter Nature: My biological (r)evolution

Alter Nature: My biological (r)evolution
29.01 à 30.01.2011

The exhibition Alter Nature is also the starting point for some modules and workshops at the MAD-faculty (the Media en Design Academie in Genk and the Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg in Hasselt), under the name Alter Nature - My biological (r)evolution.

Students work together around the issues raised by biosciences and advanced technology, more specifically, synthetic biology. The project takes place in the first semester of the academic year 2010-2011 within the module 'Stories' for the master students in Communication and Multimedia Design students MDA and the students Arts and Jewelry Design.

The results of this project will be on show at the exhibition My biological (r)evolution at Z33.

with:Sofie Boons, Eline Cautreels, Iben-Moller Decoster, Sakeb Haque, Hannes Groffy, Hannah Joris, Vera Thaens, Laurens Slechten, Maikel Vanhees, Geert Nijs, Patrizio lo Forte, Glenn Vuylst, Maarten , Princen, Bob Coenradi, Sam Weckx, Johannes Govaerts, Chris Muller, Yolien De Moor, Annelies Fleurbaey, Emmanuel Janssen, Joel Peulen

Led by: Peter De Cupere (PHL), Rosanne Van Klaveren, Katrien Dreessen, Andrea Wilkinson (MDA), Karen Verschooren (curator, Z33)

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exposition thématique
21.11.2010 à 13.03.2011
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