Sarah & Charles

Sarah & Charles’s work (Brussels, 1981 en 1979) is of choice multidisciplinary: installations, sculptures and videos alternated with sound-scapes, performances and photographical works. Among other things, they’ve worked intensely on art in public space and they’ve invested in the creation of several scenographical concepts. Where their previous work contains a high level of realism, their more recent work focuses on narrative structures in a visually adapted and reduced vocabulary. Mainly personal memories and experiences are the inspiration for new work. Their ideas are objectified into archetypes, and translated in an abstract imagery, to in the end raise recognisability by participation of the spectator.


Sarah & Charles - Plan
Sarah & Charles - Study for Plot Hole
Sarah & Charles - Obstructed Door
Sarah & Charles - Obstructed Door
Anne Harild - Dwellings + Sarah & Charles - Obstructed Door


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