Lawrence Malstaf

Lawrence Malstaf (1972, Bruges BE) builds installations that are situated in between visual and theatrical art and design. After studying Industrial Design in Antwerp he designed props and scenographics for the American performer Meg Stuart among others. His anti-automatons serve as constructions to get across the invisible sensual mechanisms that influence our daily lives. Not the concept, but the experience is primordial. By science and technology, Malstaf tries to rouse tactile experiences that rise above our intellectual analysis. With keywords like observation and perception, Malstaf wants to show his critical attitude towards the tyranny of science. In his installations, the visitor becomes an essential physical element of what is happening, and experiences this from within.
In the exhibition ‘Design By Performance’ Malstaf’s moving labyrinth Nevel is presented.

Lawrence Malstaf - Nevel

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Z33 FEEST - Lawrence Malstaf - Performance



14.03 à 30.05.2010
14.03 à 30.05.2010
17.11 à 02.12.2012
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