Gert Robijns

FreeSpace 2003
In his sculptures, installations and environments Gert Robijns takes looking beyond the limits of the eye. Using a minimum of means he focuses on the different registers of our senses and so - by way of indication, suggestion and evocation - comes into contact with the mental images and experiences stored in our memories. Robijns often starts out from simple everyday activities, events and processes which are placed in the present by images, spaces and objects. For FLAC© Robijns decided to use a display rack filled with boxes for packaging DVD players and televisions. These are objects of desire, means of communication and also objects we are all familiar with. - Tom De Bock

FreeSpace 2005
The installations and video works by Gert Robijns (1972) are rarely spectacular. He avoids grand gestures and focuses on apparently everyday objects, situations and processes. With subtle interventions he succeeds in making the viewer observe what is most familiar to him, with an element of surprise.

At his first important retrospective exhibition in Z33, the artist linked the inner and outer areas of the building with a continuous wire fence. An automatic garage door that opened and closed at irregular intervals was installed in the fence. By removing it from its familiar context, the door became a moving sculpture. With the minimal use of light Robijns manages to create a surprising effect.

The installation entitled Ondertussen (2004) comprises two large planks of wood resting on trestles. Between the planks are several oranges which are gradually squashed by the weight. Although you know that gravity will win in the end, the process is so slow you cannot actually see it happening. Other works present the tension between the physical exhibition space and a projected image. In Close 2 (2001) the video projection shows a curtain at an open window. The curtain moves gently in the breeze and one hears sounds that appear to come from outside. It takes a while for you to realise that the projection surface is a real curtain, identical to the one in the film. The fact that you are misled for a while causes you to observe very consciously and you ask yourself whether the curtain is really moving or not. At the same time there is something languid about the work, like a vague remembered image which invites the viewer to daydream.

This atmosphere is even more dominant in the video installation Slalom (2005). To the sound of the song Always on my Mind we see novice motorbike riders doing practice laps on a large square, the space of which appears to merge with the space where you, the observer, are in. The image is projected onto a projection screen that has been cut into strips and made to move slightly by means of a fan. In less skilled hands this could easily have turned out to be a tear-jerker but here too Gert Robijns manages to preserve the balance between a certain playfulness and seriousness, and between emotion and reflection. - Peter Pollers


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Het Dorp - Gert Robijns
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Z33 Kunstbox - Gert Robijns - Post Order Rock
Kunstbox - Gert Robijns - Post Order Rock


13.02 à 01.05.2005
13.02 à 01.05.2005
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