Dirk Elst

Dirk Elst (1975) writes poetry, short stories and plays. His work has been published in the anthology ‘Print is dead’ (Meulenhof/Manteau), ’WP2’ (Oxfam Solidarity), ‘I always wanted to be David Copperfield, but I turned out to be a painter’ (Manor Grunewald, Galerie Fortlaan) and ‘A preface for a project’ (Frans Masereel Centre). In 2008, his first play ‘Mozes’ was performed (Silence Fini, Gent) and in the following years he wrote scenarios for several productions. In January 2012, he presented the audio story ‘A reproduction of a place. Foreword or soundtrack of a novel - Casper Lee, Sjarel Rat and the silence of things’ in Frans Masereel Centre. He also performed on many stages and at various festivals, such as Antares Poetry Festival (Roemenia), Struga Nights without punctuation (Macedonia), De Nachten (Antwerp), Zaoem Poetry Festival (Ghent), Passa Porta (Brussels), BOZAR (Un tour d’horizon, Brussels), De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam), Felix Poetry Festival (Antwerp) and Loftuiten (Ghent). 

Elst often collaborates with others – artists, writers, musicians, etc. – as a ghostwriter, translator or storyteller and he prefers to write fiction. The backstory of his work is often satirical or critical. Mostly, his inspiration comes from the public (as a multitude), books, philosophers and people with whom he collaborates. He writes in Dutch (mother tongue) as well as in English. Currently, he is working on his debut novel and in the course of 2012 and 2013, he has several other publications planned as well.


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