Twunch in Atelier à Habiter do 20 maart

Lunchen in an exhibition space? No way. Yes way, in Atelier à Habiter, in the coworking space! Thursday March 20 we organize a twuch at Z33. A twunch is twitter lunch. People who lunch together to meet and talk informerly.

In Atelier à Habiter a simple luch is served: bread with cheese, ham and chocolate spread. Also coffee, thea and water available. Contribution: 3 euro. While you are here, take a walk through the exhibition. Curator Evelien Bracke will join the lunch.

Join us for this twunch? Register here

When rethinking 'living' the idea of flex-working pops up quickly. That is why a co-workingspace is integrated in the exhibition Atelier à Habiter. With some trestles and tabletops, stools and folding chairs, extension cords and power strips you can transform the space quickly to a workplace to your liking. Coworken means contact with other people. For example, with a cup of coffee or during lunch. Or, in this case a twunch.

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