Open call: volunteers for performance during opening Future Fictions

Z33 is looking for 5 volunteers for an performance of 'experience designer' Nelly Ben Hayoun during the opening of the exhibition Future Fictions on Saturday October 4th.

In the exhibition Nelly Ben Yahoun presents Disaster Playground, a playground of sets, props and charachters that can be deployed in case of a space disaster. Hollywood relied on Bruce Willis and a jumbo drill to save the world in Armageddon, but who are the real-life heroes seeking to save our civilization from the next major asteroid impact?

We are looking for a:
. Cowboy – male, bring your own cowboyboots
. Viking – male, 30-40 year, with beard
. Mickey mouse – man or woman, 22-40 year
. United Nations Official – male, 40-50 year, dressed in own black costume pants and matching black shoes
. Jogger – male, 30-something, dressed your own jogging suit and sneakers

The performers will walk through the exhibition space of Nelly Ben Hayoun as the physical representation of Baudrillard's book America. The costumes are provided, for some characters we ask to bring their own shoes or pants. Some characters will have to say a short text (EN / NL).

Want to participate? Apply by mail at or call 011 29 59 60. You can also use these contact details for more information.

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