Z33 and ArchitectuurWijzer invite professionals and students in the field of design, architecture, urban planning, engineering, sociology, making and many others to take part in a workshop of Space Caviar to collectively imagine the future of Genk.

C-Mine Centre, Genk, Belgium
28th September – 1st October, 2016

in the framework of MANUFACTUUR 3.0
project by Z33, curated by Evelien Bracke
as part of the City Triennial Hasselt/Genk 2016, from 1st October 2016 to 7st January 2017

The Belgian province of Limburg is an area of deep industrial heritage, potential technological innovation, cultural activation, and an evolving ecological biome amidst a field of low-density urbanism. However, the region has been unable to clarify a self-image since the decline of the coal industry. The mines were not only an economic  resource—they also constituted a powerful network that generated a single, unified narrative of place and people. With a strategic project around the former coal track, seven municipalities want to take concrete steps in the development of their region in collaboration with industrial and economical partners. Can we participate in this debate as a citizen?

Space Caviar, founded by Joseph Grima, is an Italian design research collective that is active in the areas of  architecture, technology, public space and the policy on this subject. The work of Space Caviar has already been on show in the past, including at the Architecture Biennial in Venice, the Biennial Interiors Exhibition in Kortrijk and in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

The Incomplete City — Beta Workshop will be guided by the multidisciplinary team including:
— Joseph Grima and Martina Muzi - Space Caviar
— Marco Ferrari - Folder

What infrastructure will we need in the future city?
Can a city be self-sustaining?
What makes a neighbourhood pleasant to inhabit?
What will future open, multicultural, multi-age,
networked cities look like?
Will manufacturing return to the city?

Incomplete City is an ongoing experiment in urban design initiated by Joseph Grima (Space Caviar), Dan Hill and Marco Ferrari together with Mark Smout at the school of urban design, University College London. The workshop uses drawing as a tool to explore the subtle balances that underlie the urban fabric we inhabit, and the forces which shape it.

Starting from personal visions, the Incomplete City platform will give participants the opportunity to think boldly about the future of their cities. The workshop will unfold as a collective experiment in urban design and self-determination of the urban landscape.

The workshop will run for 4 days from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. from Wednesday 28th September to 1st October at C-mine design center, Genk, Belgium.

The 1st of October the workshop activities will be part of the MANUFACTUUR 3.0 exhibition opening, by Z33. The result will shown for the entire duration of the exhibition.

The workshop is intended to be a 4 days immersive project. Participation is free of charges, but we ask the participants to be present for the entire duration of the workshop; morning coffee, lunch and afternoon break will be offered. All the workshop materials will be provided.

Interested to participate the Incomplete City Beta Workshop? Introduce yourself to workshop coordinator Please, use the subjectline “incomplete city beta workshop”.

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