Nuclear Culture: HADES field trip

In the week of July 11th the Nuclear Culture project is organising a field research trip to HADES, Belgium's underground research lab for geologic disposal of high level radioactive waste in Dessel.

Nuclear Culture project

Nuclear Culture is an international research project that looks at nuclear waste and radiation from a broader cultural perspective.

The project brings together artists and scientist who've been working on these topics. How to preserve and manage nuclear waste, and how to communicate about contaminated sites to future generations; are some of the issues the project wants to address.

Nuclear Culture was initiated by curator Ele Carpenter and the London organization Arts Catalyst.

HADES research field trip

The research trip is organized by Z33 in partnership with Arts Catalyst and NIRAS / ONDRAF, the Belgian Agency for radioactive waste and enriched fissile materials.

Artists Kota Takeuchi (JP), Andy Weir (UK), David Griffiths (UK) and curators Ils Huygens (Z33) and Ele Carpenter (Arts Catalyst) will spend three days visiting Z33 in Hasselt, meeting with the partners at ONDRAF / NIRAS and going into the underground research laboratory.

Constructed in 1980 the HADES lab is 255m underground and built in a deep clay for the purpose of researching the possibility of geological disposal in clay. Like underground laboratories in France, Sweden and Japan, the research lab is not intended to be used as a final repository for radioactive waste. Hades is also the Greek God of the underworld.

Research results

The research results will be shown in future project by Z33 within the context of Studio Time, more specifically regarding the topic Deep Time. Studio Time is a new long term research trajectory by Z33 that will lead to different projects, exhibitions, lectures and events. 

More info soon on the Z33 Research-website

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Kota Takeuchi
Dave Griffith
Andy Weir


Photo: inside HADES via

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