De Unie Hasselt-Genk: new art in open space project

Z33 proudly announces a new project: De Unie Hasselt-Genk. This is our next project in the context of Z33 - art in open space. Remember pit in Borgloon? De Unie Hasselt-Genk will be a unique art route with contemporary art in and between the cities of Hasselt & Genk in the province of Limburg (Belgium). The art works at special locations will reveal hidden stories and establish new unpredictable connections between both cities. The kick-off will be in June 2014, as of then you can hike or bike through the Hasselt-Genk area to discover the art works.

Meanwhile, walking the streets of Hasselt or Genk during the next few weeks you can encounter posters with the 'faces of De Unie'. Each person portraited has a story of their own regarding their experience of the two cities. Want to know their story? We release a new story every week on the new website (only in Dutch for now).

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