Cohen Van Balen - 75 Watt

Cohen Van Balen - 75 Watt

What if the motions at the conveyor belt are no longer dictated by the form and function of a product, but vice versa: if the choreography of the worker dictates the form and function of an object? What (or who?) is the finished product then?

In 75 Watt, a product is specially designed to be mass-manufactured in China. The object’s only function is to choreograph a dance performed by the labourers manufacturing it.The work seeks to explore the nature of mass-manufacturing products on various scales; from the geopolitical context of hyper-fragmented labour to the bio-political condition of the human body on the assembly line. Engineering logic has reduced the factory labourer to a man-machine, through scientific management of every single movement. By shifting the purpose of the labourer’s actions from the efficient production of objects to the performance of choreographed acts, mechanical movement is reinterpreted into the most human form of motion: dance. What is the value of an artefact that only exists to support the performance of its own creation? And as the product dictates the movement, does it become the subject, rendering the worker the object?

production credits: Choreography: Alexander Whitley - Film production: Siya Chen

Supported by: 

Arts Council England, Flemish Authorities, Ask4Me Group, Zhongshan City White Horse Electric Co. Ltd, FACT, V2_Institute for the Unstable Media, workspacebrussels



05.05 à 18.08.2013
09.04 à 14.04.2013
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