For each exhibition Z33 develops a special offer for teachers, kids and youngsters to visit during a schooltrip.

Art requests participation, communication, interpretation and expression. What do you see? What is the story behind this artwork? What does the artist want to communicate? During an interactive tour, a guide drops hints & incentives to challenge the youngsters to understand contemporary art. As such the artworks will reveal their secrets. And once you understand an artwork, it is possible to form an opinion and your perspective about art grows.

Z33 offers school visits with an interactive tour and a workshop with educational purposes, a newsletter (in Dutch) with the latest new educational offers, a teachers lesson folder (in Dutch) and a tour for teachers (in Dutch) each time a new exhibition opens.

Guided tour for schools

The Z33-guide will accompany you through the exhibition, teach you to look at and discover the story behind the works of art. We adapt our tours to our visitors: nursery classes, children, youngsters, students, adults …  everyone is welcome!

Would you like to book a guided tour? Please contact us at or +32 11 295960

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