kids and teens

Art tickles.
Art tingles.
Art stimulates.
Art challenges.
Art poses questions that anyone is allowed to answer.
That is why Z33 invites children and adolescents to visit the exhibitions and participate activities.

Z33's educational package focusses on observation, understanding and experience by speaking, doing and discovering together.

. watch-explore-investigate the exhibition with the "kijkwijzer" (10-14 years)
. your birthday party surrounded by artworks (9 -12 years)
. enjoy a free guided visit with the whole family on Saturday or Sunday (3pm - 4.15pm)
. parents and children (from 8 years on) can participate in a family afternoon during the weekend, based on a specific exhibition
. follow an interactive tour with your class, participate in a workshop or get to work in a creative way
. take an artistic plunge during four days in the school holidays with Kunstenaar voor 1 Dag / Artist for a Day (9 -12 years)
. learn an exciting 'skill' (technique, art form, expertise) during Kunztlab (13-15 years)

All these activities are in Dutch. More information on the website in Dutch

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