Zebra Deluxe: The Pillow Book

Zebra Deluxe: The Pillow Book
21.03.2012 at 20h15

In March Zebra Deluxe focusses on the mysteries of the body in the context of SuperBodies. The Pillow Book is a sensual film by Peter Greenaway from 1996, about love for the body and the written word.

Lieven De Cauter, professor of philosophy of culture at the School of Arts RITS Brussels, will give an introductory about the director Peter Greenaway, the corporality and the sensuality in his films in general and more specifically about The Pillow Book.

20h15: lecture by Lieven De Cauter
20h45: break
21h00: film The Pillow Book, Peter Greenaway, 1996, France/The UK, 126'

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Pillow Book


theme exhibition
04.02 to 13.05.2012
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