Z33 Festival! - 10 years Z33

Z33 Festival! - 10 years Z33
17.11.2012 at 20h30

10 years Z33. That requires a celebration. So, on Saturday November 18 it is party-time with lot's of bands & dj's. This is the line-up:

20u30 – 21u00 Cashmere Tve live-set

21u00 – 22u00 Commonphase

22u00 – 23u40 The Sha-la-lee’s

22u40 – 23u20 DoReMi dj

23u20 – 00u00 Fence

00u00 - 00u35 DoReMi dj

00u35 – 01u25 The Hickey Underworld

01u25 – 02u25 Tom Barman (DJ-Set)

02u25 – 04u00 Goldfox

Limited capacity. Doors close when the house is full.

Z33 is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and this calls for a party the weekend of 17 and 18 November! Under the motto “Art can change the World”, everyone is invited to 33-hour party marathon of art, design, lectures,films, music, workshops and much, much more…

The full program is on


Z33 FEEST - Lawrence Malstaf - Performance
Z33 FEEST - Masterclasses - Florentijn Hofman
Z33 FEEST - Masterclasses - Sofie Lachaert
Z33 FEEST - Numen For Use - TAPE
Z33 FEEST - Numen For Use - TAPE


17.11 to 18.11.2012
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