Uitgelezen as part of Architecture of Fear

Uitgelezen as part of Architecture of Fear
01.12.2011 at 19h30

UITGELEZEN is a live book programme for and by readers in which Anna Luyten (journalist) and Jos Geysels (Minister of State) together with presenter Fien Sabbe and two guests discuss three recent books. With music, reading tips and a tombola! The theme of this fall edition is the curent Z33 exhibition Architecture of Fear, be prepared for some pageturners.

The books on the table are 'Post voor mevrouw Bromley' by Stefan Brijs, 'Brandlucht' by Erik Vlaminck and 'Bezoek van de knokploeg' by Jennifer Egan.  

One of our guests is Annelies Verbeke, author of 'Slaap!' and other novels. The other guest is Belgian politician Caroline Gennez. 

With live music performed by Buurman.

At 7.30pm you can join a free guided tour through the exhibition Architecture of Fear.

tickets: 5 euro at Cultuurcentrum Hasselt 

production Vooruit Gent & De Morgen / organisation Dienst Cultuur Hasselt, Cultuurcentrum Hasselt & Z33

(All in Dutch)


Uitgelezen Live
Anna Luyten
Fien Sabbe
Jos Geysels




theme exhibition
02.10 to 31.12.2011
exposition thématique
02.10 to 31.12.2011
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