Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
07.05 to 14.06.2015

Terms & Conditions presents works by students from various university colleges that organised workshops around the exhibition of Konstantin Grcic. 'Konstantin Grcic - Panorama' is based on extensive research of current technological developments and innovations in contemporary design. The confrontation with a larger context of thought of other designers, architects but also theorists and philosophers, is a crucial element of this project. 

Z33 invited students to collaborate on the research part of the exhibition and develop ideas on living, work and public spaces for the near future. This can take the form of research or speculative or concrete design proposals. The work in progress, as well as the end results, are shown at Z33. You can visit Terms & C​onditions until Sunday 14 June.

Wanna Boertien - Muhiba Botan - Belbachir Boumediene -  Karolien Coenen - Anneleen Houben - Sheryn Khafagy - Siem Lasseel - Evi Cremers,  Nirmala Coppejans, Fien Dezwaef,  Nikita Verhelst,  Jonathan Verheye, Eva Laenen, Sarah Amlal, Floortje Doreleijers, Niels Dewelde, Marijn Carton, Axel Van Laer, Senna Graulus, Jo Segers, Laetitia Geert, Mathias Geerkens, Dries Putzeis, Dorien Swinnen, Anja Neidhardt, Anna-Mea Hoffmann

Opening: Thursday 07.05.2015 –19h
The opening is part of Kunstennacht Hasselt​, an evening event during which all art and cultural institutions of the city of Hasselt are open for public. Click here for more info about Kunstennacht Hasselt.

In collaboration with:
LUCA School of Arts, MAD Faculty, campus C-Mine, KASK Gent and Design Academy Eindhoven.

Photo: (c) Siem Lasseel


Terms & Conditions
MAD-faculty fotografie - Belbachir Boumediene - Youth
MAD-faculty fotografie - Belbachir Boumediene
Design Academy Eindhoven - Image Space
Design Academy Eindhoven - Image Space
Design Academy Eindhoven - Image Space
KASK autonome vormgeving - Project Lifestage
KASK autonome vormgeving
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