10.10 to 31.12.2004

With FREESPACE LIMBURG the Platform Beeldende Kunsten Limburg gives (international) artists the opportunity and the place to make and exhibit a new project. FREESPACE LIMBURG stimulates the interaction amongst artists and between artists and visitors. In this edition of FREESPACE this interaction is initiated by a FREESPACE collection on the one hand and by an 'artist cooking' on the other hand.

The five artists that participate in this year's edition of FREESPACE LIMBURG - Bruna Esposito (I), Hermann Maier Neustadt (D), Eppo Dehaes (B), Werner Feiersinger (A) and Paul Casaer (B) – choose from the FREESPACE COLLECTION one or several works that they want to react to or want to use. Each of the artists has 6 weeks time to create a work and exhibit it in the FREESPACE of Z33. Gert Robijns coaches the artists.




Werner Feiersinger (A) 10.10.04 – 26.11.04
Paul Casaer (B) 28.11.04 – 31.12.04


At each vernissage the artist and the staff of Z33 invite artists, neighbours, others to enjoy an ‘artist cooking’: artist and staff prepare a meal with recipes selected by the artist.

For only 5 EUR you can join this 'artist cooking' (starts at 6 p.m.). The vernissage and reception start at 8.00 p.m..

Participation: You can participate in the artist cooking by e-mailing your name, address and the number of persons to (To avoid confusion, please write "artist cooking + date" as subject of your e-mail)

Artist Cooking with Werner Feiersinger (A) on Saturday 9th of October.

Artist Cooking with Paul Casaer (B) on Saturday 27th of November.



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