Artist Talks Alter Nature

Artist Talks Alter Nature
23.11.2010 at 20h00

The Center for PostNatural History is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge relating to the complex interplay between culture, nature and biotechnology. The PostNatural  refers to living organisms that have been altered through processes such as selective breeding or  genetic engineering. The mission of the Center for PostNatural History is to acquire, interpret and provide access to a collection of living, preserved and documented organisms of postnatural origin.

Richard Pell – Centre for PostNatural History
Richard Pell is the co-founder of ‘The Institute of Applied Autonomy’, founder of the ‘Centre for PostNatural History’ and assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon, University School of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Driessens & Verstappen - Morphoteque 9
Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen create sculptures and installations (sometimes on-site) that reflect on the traditional dualism of nature – culture against the backdrop of a current biological and technological context.

BCL – Common Flowers / Flower Commons
Georg Tremmel and Shiho Fukuhara are the artist duo BCL. They focus on the discovery of the relation between biological and cultural codes, through artistic interventions and social research.

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 Alter Nature: We can
Artist Talks Alter Nature
Artist Talks Alter Nature
Artist Talks Alter Nature
Artist Talks Alter Nature
Artist Talks Alter Nature


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