Paul Neeley

J. Paul Neeley is a multidisciplinary designer/researcher currently working as a Senior Creative/Design Consultant at Gaia Corporation in London. At Gaia Corporation J. Paul leads the organization's Global Products Practice, helping companies understand, design, and realize new product opportunities through synthetic biology. He has a background in design research, brand & design strategy, business design, and service & experience design. Before coming to Gaia Corporation, J. Paul worked professionally at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation//SPARC as a designer/researcher focusing on the healthcare experience and delivery, at Teton Radiology/Medical Imaging Associates as service design manager realizing innovative medical imaging solutions, and at Unilever in Consumer & Market Insights on leading CPG brands. His past design work has explored the human implications of emerging technologies, designing futures that help us understand and engage with possibilities. He is a graduate of Northwestern University where he studied Communications Studies, Economics, and Cello Performance, and holds an MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art.

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