Geoffrey Brusatto

Geoffrey Brusatto (°1979) started working freelance on different graphic projects in 2004 and opened his graphic studio BRUSATTO, located in Hasselt, in 2007. Besides working for a mostly cultural clientele he teaches graphic design at PXL-MAD, Hasselt and KASK, Ghent. His passion for books (design) culminated in a PhD research project about the formal aspect of the book and its place in current (digital) society. After contemplating an architect or product design study, his passion turned out to be graphic design, yet a tactile and dimensional influence can still be found in his work. His pure and typographic design ethos is driven by a thirst for creative liberty within a well-defined structure, where concept leads form. Defined as minimal classic with an edge he enjoys the design process, but always with "labore et constantia"!

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