Z33 deals with social issues

Monday May 30 2011, newspaper 'De Morgen' wrote a large article: "Exoten rukken op naar Vlaamse steden" about how exotic species march on Flemish cities, and about the problems that they cause. Combating these rampant exotic species costs millions of euros every year. With his garden installation EXOTE, Kris Verdonck refers to this problem. In EXOTE he creates a sort of "end-of-the-world-landscape", in which only invasive exotic species (plants and animals) are present. You can visit the exhibition Kris Verdonck - EXHIBITION #1 until August 21.

The actions of the environmentalists of the Field Liberation Movement (FLM) reminds us of the previous exhibition Alter Nature: We Can. Last Sunday, FLM destroyed the first genetically modified potato field in Flanders. Alter Nature: We Can showed different ways in which mankind alters, manipulates or designs nature.

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