Z33 Celebrates! master classes

Within a few days Z33 Celebrates! starts. We offer a jam-packed program with exhibitions, workshops and music, but the backbone of this festival weekend are the master classes. In these master classes, we collect more than 33 persons who have done nice things at Z33 over the past ten years. We asked them to surprise us with a unique master class and gave them the base line ' art can change the world' as a starting point. Do not expect boring lectures, but dynamic performances, animated lectures, exclusive video messages and special art projects.

For example are expected: a wondrous performance by Sofie Lachaert with clouds of cotton candy, an exclusive video message from Raf Simons (on view only during his master class), an interactive skype performance by Peter De Cupere, a preview of our spring exhibition, and so much more. And all that for free!

The full program can be read on

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