workshop day 2 My biological (r)evolution

During the second day of the kick-off workshop James Brown & James King presented more projects on synthetic biology.Then it was up to the students.They created storyboards and a video presentation of their idea.

Sabina wrote a blog about the workshops day 1 and day 2 at the Alter Nature. My biological (r)evolution blog 

Now the two-day workshop has finished, the students have two weeks to reflect and generate new ideas about this experience about synthetic biology and the projects they suggested.

On October 13 the students will visit BioSCENTer (KULeuven) and have a speeddate with science students.

My biological (r)evolution is a coorporation between Media en Design Academie in Genk,  Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg in Hasselt and Z33 in the context of the exhibtion Alter Nature: We can.

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