Tomorrow opening theme exhibition Architecture of Fear

We are ready. Are you?
Tomorrow, Saturday October 1 at 7.30pm Z33 opens a new exhibition: Architecture of Fear. You are invited to come and explore this new exhibition.

With Architecture of Fear, Z33 again explores a very relevant topic as seen from the critical perspective of international artists and designers: fear. To be more exact fear in our modern media society.

Architecture of Fear brings together a number of international artists that reflect on the society of fear and its emotional, social and spatial mechanisms. On the one hand there are the projects that investigate the visual and narrative codes of our popular culture, in which fear exists as a source of entertainment and fascination. On the other hand, there are projects on how fear shapes our world and what its spatial mechanisms are.

This weekend is also your last chance to experience the spacial installation NET by Numen / For Use. You can visit NET Saturday 01.10 from 11am to 6pm and 8pm to 10pm. Sunday - the final day - from 2pm to 5pm.

Here are some pictures taken during the construction of Architecture of Fear:

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