The long tail of Alter Nature: We Can

Don't worry if you haven't had the chance to visit Alter Nature: We Can. Soon you'll be able to find some of the artworks elsewhere. You will have to travel to see them though!

BCL's Common Flowers, Flower Commons leaves for Electron Festival in Genève (CH) (21-24 April 2011). It's My Island of Antti Laintinen can be seen in Norway: as from 29 May in Hå gamle prestegard and in summer in Sørlandets Art Museum. In Juin, Eduardo Kac's Cypher will be shown in the show Opera Viventi in Turin (IT) and next month, Daisy Ginsberg's Synthetic Kingdom will be in the Royal Institution of Australia in Adelaide (AU). You can find Maarten Vanden Eynde's Zoology of Genetology in SIGN gallery in Groningen (NL).

Closer to home, you can visit the artwork of Michael Sailstorfer in a solo exhibition, Raum und Zeit, in SMAK, Ghent (BE) as from March 26th. And just so you know: Verbeke Foundation is working on a summer exhibition named Gingko Sempervirens. It will deal with the relationships of contemporary artists with living plants. Amongst others, Reinier Langendijk and Adam Zaretsky will show their work as from May 1st, 2011. 

photo: Life after Alter Nature: We Can: the bonzai trees, which were part of the art works of Azuma Makoto.

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