Join us in the building process of a spaceship at Z33!

Saturday February 2 we start the interior transformation of Seeker [HS2]. Interested in joining in the building process of this spaceship?

A team of volunteers along with Belgian artist & HI-SEAS crew commander Angelo Vermeulen brainstormed the past few weeks about the interior of the Seeker spaceship sculpture. Most of the thinking has been done, and from now on we’ll focus on actual construction.

People with plug-in ideas can still join the team. In fact, the opportunity to insert and implement ideas, concepts and designs remains present during the entire creation process.

Would you like to help out co-creating the spaceship? You are welcome on Saturday 02.02 from 14h till 18h at Z33. Angelo Vermeulen and his team will give you a summary about all the ideas and an update about the current situation. And then we’ll continue to construct and build together. The exhibition opens on Saturday evening, February 16.

Want to know more about this project? Simply send an email to

Update 28.02.2013:Reminder to all participants: please bring your tools, images, and drawings with specific ideas. Do you have any building materials lying around at your house? Kindly bring those as well.

This Saturday we will start with exchanging more ideas for about 2 hours. And subsequently we design the spaceship blue print. After that it's hands-on time!

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