It's oh so quiet at Z33. Quiet? Not really.

It seems so quiet at Z33. What is going on?

Quiet? What are you talking about? Ok, there is no exhibiton on show at the moment. But backstage it is certainly busybusybusy. We are a vulcano rumbeling on the inside right before it bursts. You don't see it, but it is there!

Ok, now I am curiuous. What are you planning? What exhibition?

Not just a exhibition! We are preparing for a gigantic party.

A party? Oh, I like parties!

So do we at Z33. That's why we are throwing a 33-hour party marathon with art, design, lectures,films, music, workshops and much, much more.

Nice. Can I come?

Off course, you can! You are invited! And you tell your friends to join us.

Great! I’ll tell them. When?

17+18 november. The kick-off is Saturday November 17 at 10 am. It finished on Sunday November 18 at 7pm.


Do you need to ask? At Z33, Zuivelmark 33 in Hasselt (Belgium), the old beguinage site.

Ok. I put it down in my agenda. Really looking forward to it!

Me too. See you then! Bring your party mood.

The Z33-team doing a great job preparing the party.

The invitations have arrived. Everybody drops by to look & feel (& smell) them.

Preperaring to send out the invitations.

Hello mailman, would you be so kind to deliver these?

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