Family Afternoon Space Odyssey 2.0 - mission succeeded

Last Saturday 02.03 a large group of childrend and adults visited Z33 for a Family Afternoon. While the adults enjoyed a guided tour of Space Odyssey 2.0, the children got to take part in a creative workshop on space and aeronautics.

The adventure started off with an astronaut simulation in the spaceship Seeker[HS²], built at Z33 by artist Angelo Vermeulen and a team of volunteers.

After that the kids designed and created their on rocket or space shuttle, with a little help from their parents. The spaceships looked awesome!

Then the big moment arrived: launching those waterrocket spacecrafts. 3 - 2 - 1 takeoff!!

All the shuttles went up in the air, some of them with serious speed and big altitude.

Thanks to all the parents and children to make it a great Space Odyssey 2.0 family afternoon.

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