Dutch building style as an idealised paradiselike setting - The Villages by Charlotte Lybeer

Z33 does not just show art, it also supports artists. For instance by giving production assignments for a specifiek exhibition. The Villages by Charlotte Lybeer is such an assignment. When Z33 asked this Flemish photographer artist to create a new work for the theme exhitibion Architecture of Fear, it didn't take long to come up with the subject of The Villages. Lybeer focuses on confined places typified by a central theme that that combines an illusion of safety with dreamed happiness.

Lybeer had been to China before and there she made some photos of the never finished amusement park Holland Village in Shenyang, a major project by a Dutch businessman born in China. A brainstorm took us to Orange County, a holiday resort in Turkey with replica's of the windmills of Volendam and Amsterdam Central, and our Belgian shopping center Maasmechelen Village as well.

Also the building of the INTELL HOTEL in Zaandam (The Nederlands) makes use of the typical Dutch building tradition. The hotel is a composition of several houses of Zaandam put on top of each other and thus making one giant building. From holiday resort to shopping center. In this series of photos, this typical authentic Dutch building style pops up in an idealised paradise-like setting.

video: curator Ils Huygens interviewt Charlotte Lybeer over The Villages

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