About Seeker [HS2] co-creation process

A couple of days ago the second brainstorm session for Seeker [HS2] took place with artist Angelo Vermeulen. During these brainstorm sessions the participants co-create the inside of a gigantic DIY spaceship sculpture that’s being built in Z33 at the moment.

Seeker [HS2] is the second generation of the spacecraft Seeker [DV1] that was created in Deventer, the Netherlands in 2012. The outer shell is being re-used. The inside however is being ‘hacked’ and reworked by a new community. In this way the spaceship physically and conceptually adjusts to its new location. Seeker [HS2] will be part of the new exhibition Space Odyssey 2.0 at Z33, opening on 16 February.

A large print of the construction of Seeker [DV1] in Deventer. 

Results and sketches of the 1st brainstormsession at Z33 in December 2012.

Preparing for the Space Class with Angelo Vermeulen during the 2nd brainstormsession at Z33 in January 2013.

The plants used in Deventer, will be integrated at the space ship in Hasselt.

Angelo Vermeulen talks about his latest project with NASA on Hawaii.

Browsing through the photo collection with the Z33 Seeker Community.

This idea for the interior design of the spaceship came to mind during the brainstorm session.

A book as inspiration. Participant Hilde Mertens discovered it in a secondhand bookshop.

Meeting inside the Seeker construction. Where will we create a leisure room? Where will we put the cookingcorner? Still so many things to do,questions to be solved. 

Water purification installation by participant Vera Thaens.

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