20 jaar Toegepast: Beyond Food and Design

You can visit the exhibition BEYOND FOOD AND DESIGN until 31th of Januari at C-mine Designcentrum in Genk. Various installations and unique designs investigate how the production and distribution of food shapes our landscape and future.

Some 30 designers - who contributed to previous editions of Toegepast - worked together on four themes: mining water, aquaculture, bee (keeping) and mushrooms. These four themes all have their origins in the Limburg region’s history and initiate a special correlation between food and design. and the results show a multitude of new designs and ideas.
Curator of Beyond Food is Jan Boelen, artistic director of Z33.

The exhibition BEYOND FOOD AND DESIGN is part of the larger framework of 20 years of Toegepast, an initiative by Cultuurplatform Design, the city of Genk
and Z33. And is part of the extra-muros program of RECIPROCITY design liège.

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