The Beguinage houses are not only used for the Z33 administration and the administrations of the various cooperation platforms of the province of Limburg, but also, and more publicly visible, as exhibition spaces.


The Z33 reception is located in the first house on the Braderijstraat side. The entire upper floor of these houses, a series of smaller spaces that can easily be adjusted to varying project needs, makes up the Z33 gallery.

 Witte Nonnenstraat

The offices of the various cooperation platforms are located in the houses along the Witte Nonnenstraat. There is an attractive exhibition room on this side of the complex known as ‘de hoge ruimtes’ (the high-ceilinged spaces). The entire entresol and dividing wall of two adjacent houses was removed to make space for the Provincial Library book collection. Now this huge room make a perfect high-ceilinged exhibition space for the presentation of smaller projects and spatial installations..

The Kapittelzaal serves as a presentation space, but is better known as the place where one can take part in many a Z33 opening party.

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