Tal Erez - Bande à part

Tal Erez - Bande à part

What if every home has its own 3D printer? Will the consumer increasingly become a designer and maker himself? Or will it be the designer who increasingly steers production processes, as professional producers have become obsolete? And what are the consequences for whoever leases the ‘machine time’? What connection with the manufactured product will he still have? Who is responsible for what?

In Bande à part, Israeli designer Tal Erez investigates the implications of a networked, decentralised production system of home factories. Challenging the optimistic view of the third industrial revolution – which turns every consumer into a possible designer and manufacturer – his Bande à part reorganizes these roles in a new way. In this reconstructed future, the designer sits at the top of the pyramid as the creator, entrepreneur and factory manager in a series of decentralized manufacturing units. The consumer, from his side, faces the ethical and social implications of being both a factory worker and a user.

Erez's work indicates that production structures, intended primarily to function in the context of a profit-driven economy, always hold social, political and legal implications as well as a subversive potential.

This project was made possible by '3D Hubs', an online platform for local 3D printing, Yair Gellis, Ohad Meyuhas, Oded Lahav,, Daniel Kodratayev, Nitzan Ron and Unfold Design studio.

In this movie by, Tal Erez, Tobias Revell and the curator elaborate about their work and the Design Beyond Production exhibition.



05.05 to 18.08.2013
04.05.2013 at 16h00
09.04 to 14.04.2013
09.04 to 14.04.2013
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