Roman Signer - Mondflug/Moonflight

Roman Signer - Mondflug/Moonflight

Roman Signer has been a powerful and influential figure in the contemporary art world for over thirty years. Together with Panamarenko, he can be considered as one of the 'precursors' of the younger artists in Space Odyssey 2.0. Signer has a low budget and do-it-yourself approach which he applies to a variety of experiments, ranging from explosions to collisions and launches, always with everyday objects. With the necessary sense of humour, he sets out to create a form of controlled chaos that is entirely foreign to the world of science and technology.

"On the floor of the garage, I laid out a large map of the moon that was over four meters in diameter. The model helicopter with a small camera pointing downwards flew over the map. The transmitter on the helicopter ransmitted these pictures to another room where we could watch the projected on video. The interesting thing was that this flat map of the moon turned into a spherical body in the projected picture. You really had the impression that you were close to the moon, looking at it in the darkness of outer space." (Roman Signer: Works, Volume 3)



17.02 to 19.05.2013
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