Nelly Ben Hayoun - Moon Dust Remix

Nelly Ben Hayoun - Moon Dust Remix

Commissioned by La Gaité Lyrique, Paris.

Nelly Ben Hayoun invited several scientists to 'perform' what they think Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon would have sounded like. Theoretically speaking of course, since the moon has no atmosphere and therefore sound cannot travel. 

On the basis of these interviews and facts, in the two other videos, Nelly Ben Hayoun directed foley artist (movie sound artist) Sue Harding to perform a soundtrack on the footage of the moon landing and the launch of Saturn V. Foley, is the making, design and performance of everyday and background sounds, an artform crucial to filmmaking and radio. 

Moon Dust Remix questions our understanding of facts and fiction as well as the authenticity of images. As a Moon chorus, it is also claiming what sound should be for the moon by generating a forum for discussion on what could be our future human experience on the moon.



17.02 to 19.05.2013
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