Frederik De Wilde - Space is only noise if you can see

Frederik De Wilde - Space is only noise if you can see

SoN01R is a real-time visualization of the quantum vacuum, the empty space-time that fills the interstellar space. It was always assumed in classical physics that the vacuum is equal to the absolute nothing. According to the quantum field theory, however, the vacuum has energy as well, since nothing, in theory, can have zero energy.

Space, in this way, is anything but nothing and consists of a multitude of particles and anti-particles that flare up and disappear almost instantaneously. The vacuum also appears to have properties that are even stranger than that of matter, think of the so-called black holes or 'dark energy'. SoN01R is an attempt to visualize these elusive and intangible phenomena that occur on a micro scale in the infinite vastness of the universe. The images presented in the exhibition occur in real time. The basis for the visualization is a live stream that is broadcast by the Department of Quantum Science of the Australian National University.


The work consists of three elements:

SoN01R: realtime visualisation and sonification. An artistic and sonic translation of quantum fluctuations. Software: Processing. Code: Frederik Vanhoutte

Infinity, Virtuality, Energy - The razor edge or non-being: realtime visualisation, an abstract and minimal artistic visualization of quantum fluctuations that consists of virtual particles and antiparticles; Coproductie Z33 Quantum

Objects: Rapid prototyped sculptures: a series of three-dimensional translations or stills of these accidental and elusive energy measurements. True random numbers are used to create structures which are both geometric and amorphous.


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17.02 to 19.05.2013
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