Edith Dekyndt - Major Tom

Edith Dekyndt - Major Tom

Edith Dekyndt explores the boundaries of our physical reality. She is fascinated with ephemeral and elusive phenomena. Major Tom is a balloon filled with helium and air that moves freely through space. The movements of the balloon are determined by random environmental factors such as air circulation, temperature and the movement of visitors. Despite its dimensions, the object is buoyant floating and unstable and manages to literally escape the control of gravity.

In the room, sounds from the Voyager Golden Record can be heard. These audio recordings were sent along with the 1977 Voyager II mission in case of a possible encounter with aliens. Aside from sounds of earthly elements like wind or fire, the record also contains animal and human sounds. Today – just a few dozen earth years later – the technology and sounds seem extremely dated, and one can only imagine what this means in cosmic terms.



17.02 to 19.05.2013
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