Brian McCutcheon - Space Suits

Brian McCutcheon - Space Suits

Brian McCutcheon was four years old in 1969, the year when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first set foot on the moon. One generation later, his four year old son Angus developed a fascination for everything that has to do with space travel. This shared boyhood dream inspired McCutcheon, and he set out to make drawings together with his son. They designed rockets, space suits and other typical space age icons and even staged a real ‘simulation training’ on earth.

McCutcheon combines fantasy with his own fascination for customized cars and the way in which he integrates atypical materials from the automotive industry into his art practice. All the exhibited works are taken from the large Space exhibition Out of This World, which McCutcheon developed for the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2012.


17.02 to 19.05.2013
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