Angelo Vermeulen - Seeker[HS²]

Angelo Vermeulen - Seeker[HS²]

Coproduction Witteveen and Bos (Deventer) and Z33. 

As a visual artist with a PhD in biology, Angelo Vermeulen explores the intersections between art and science. In Space Odyssey 2.0, he continues his work - together with an interdisciplinary team of artists, designers, engineers, students and enthusiasts - on his DIY spaceship Seeker. This initiative is a community project in which the  work is realised through co-creation. Participants are invited to actively elaborate, rethink or hack the work. 

Seeker is a traveling spaceship project which Angelo Vermeulen initiated in the autumn of 2012 in Deventer in the context of the Witteveen+Bos Art+Technology Award. The work explores in an experimental way the integration of the technological, ecological and social systems that enable long-term survival in a spaceship. Instead of keeping the various functions connected to living, working and technology  separated, the Seeker community sets out to create hybrid, closed systems that favour sustainability and stimulate interconnection. 

From April 2013, Angelo Vermeulen will act as crew commander for HI-SEAS, a new Mars mission simulation initiated by Cornell and Hawaii University in collaboration with NASA. In a team of six people, he will live in a simulated Mars environment for a period of four months.


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17.02 to 19.05.2013
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