Andy Gracie - Drosophila Titanus

Andy Gracie - Drosophila Titanus

In his work, Andy Gracie sets out in search of connections between living organisms, ecosystems and technology. His interdisciplinary projects hover on the edge of art and bioscience. With Drosophila Titanus, Gracie has developed an experimental breeding programme for fruit flies. Through selection and modification he attempts to genetically alter the breed of flies so that they could, in theory, survive on Titan. This moon of Saturn is up to now considered as one of the places that most resembles earth. In his research project, Gracie combines scientific rigor with DIY and hacking strategies. He applies the rigorous methodology of scientific research, yet freely undermines it with artistic metaphor, humour and ambiguity.


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17.02 to 19.05.2013
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