Voebe de Gruyter

In her work Voebe de Gruyter (1960) approaches the world as a set of processes that constantly influence one another. Moreover, she shows us that the objects surrounding us affect us far more than we suspect. People and things do not exist independently of one another, indeed they are inextricably linked together. The matter around us appears not to be structured the way we think.

To support this theory the artist uses semi-scientific ideas. She takes the spectator to the subatomic level, that of the smallest particles. Here, where the exact sciences have to acknowledge their inability to fathom the complexity of reality, where measuring instruments and calculations reach their limits, is where, with the freedom of conjecture, one can think further ahead and continue to seek the coherence of this abstract world. For the more you zoom in on details, the more blurred the outlines of the whole, of which the smallest particles are a part.

In 1994 for example, the artist discovered that a flattened piece of chewing gum on a pavement can conceal quite a lot of information. In the video entitled De kauwgom en de onuitwisbaarheid van zijn bestaan, she suggested that the chewing gum in the mouth of the chewer absorbs the vibrations caused by his or her utterances. When it is then finally spat out on the street, the gum still contains the chewer's last words. On the same level of the smallest particles, De Gruyter even states that a curator who points to works of art removes miniscule elements of the image with his index finger. This causes the depictions to gradually fade. In a reference to the string theory in modern physics, the artist developed her own 'cable theory'. In the office people often stare at the floor in order to give their thoughts free rein. On this floor there are cables and cords which may help us to discover the world of strings. Above the tables we find the world wide web, under the tables the world of strings, and man and his reality are situated in the sluggish layer that separates them.

- Jurgen Gaethofs


13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
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