Tue Greenfort

Tue Greenfort (1973) is a Danish artist who works with sculpture, installation, video art and photography. His work has been exhibited internationally since the late 90s. Greenfort’s greatest fascination is the constant changing of nature, both in the past and present, as well as the reshaping of nature. Given this theme, nature’s place in society is a recurring feature of his work. Greenfort is especially interested in creating critical reconstructions of the contemporary human habitat.

Artist and writer Emily Verla Bovino wrote for Art Papers in May 2008: “While critics and curators often define Greenfort as an artist who deals with art and ecology, his preoccupation with biology and the natural sciences sterns less from environmental activism than from his interest in creating critical reconstructions of contemporary human habitat.”

Greenfort’s ‘Wardian Case (Alustar–Sonatural)’ will be on show in the exhibition Alter Nature: We Can (21.11.2010-13.03.2011). Wardian Cases were small greenhouses developed in the early 19th century to protect plants from the dirty city air, as well as to preserve them during transport by ship. These cases were thus, quite literally, a means of relocating nature.


21.11.2010 to 13.03.2011
21.11.2010 to 13.03.2011
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