Tracey Moffatt

The Australian photographer and director Tracey Moffatt graduated at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane (1982). She started her career in experimental video and as a director and producer of video clips.

In her art work, she tries to uncover implicit power relations that are present in the language and narrative schemes of film and video. For her, image is never a representation, but entirely construction.

Doomed fits in a series of cut and paste editing works, together with Love (2003), Artist (2000) and Lip (1999). These works were realized together with Gary Hillberg and examine in a humoristic but critical way how desires and prejudices in our society are being processed in popular media. In 1996, Moffatt was represented in Cannes with her feature film Bedevil.


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02.10 to 31.12.2011
02.10 to 31.12.2011
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