Tobias Revell

Tobias Revell is a UK-based designer and practicing artist. His work looks at the crossover points of technology, economics and politics and how these intersections might manifest themselves, for better or worse. By drawing an audience into alternative worlds he hopes to inspire thought and debate about the unpublicized externalities and extremes of progress as well as seeking a new way to talk about our human systems. His previous work has looked at applied libertarianism, synthetic biology out of context and chronographies of power.

In this movie by, Tobias Revell, Tal Erez and the curator elaborate about their work and the Design Beyond Production exhibition.


Tobias Revell – Mercenary Cubiclists
Design Beyond Production-Milaan - Tobias Revell – Mercenary Cubiclists 04
Design Beyond Production - Tobias Revell - Mercenary Cubiclists 01
Design Beyond Production - Tobias Revell - Mercenary Cubiclists 02


09.04 to 14.04.2013
09.04 to 14.04.2013
04.05.2013 at 16h00
05.05 to 18.08.2013
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