Suska Mackert

Suska Mackert (1969) trained as a goldsmith and jewellery designer. She sees jewellery in all its forms as a phenomenon: it is not only decorative but also a means for communication and identification. On the basis of this, Mackert examines the role and the boundaries of this phenomenon in our lives: what meaning does jewellery have for people and/or the body?

At the Over de mensen en de dingen exhibition Suska Mackert's work included a series of manipulated press photographs. The enlarged coarse-grained press photographs show several men being touched by other men. The men are Hans Dietrich Genscher, General Pinochet, Jacques Chirac and Brotislaw Geremek. However, on closer inspection the viewer will see that something is wrong. The gentlemen are being decorated, paid tribute to or are receiving a medal. However, the object is always retouched out of the picture. Consequently, the men appear to be touching one another in public for no apparent reason. Mackert's work is about jewels and ornaments in the broadest sense of the word. It is about power, codes, status and rituals even if there is no jewellery in sight. By means of image manipulation the artist reveals the role of jewellery whether it be a necklace or a military decoration. Here she relies on the keen eye of the observer.

Another work on display was the installation, Ce souvenir sera toujours mon guide. The title of the work was painted on the wall and Suska Mackert hung small pendants around the letters. The medallions - generally depicting Mary or some patron saint - are a typically Catholic symbol. Generations of children are traditionally given this piece of jewellery for their first communion. Jewellery like this also refers to pilgrim tokens. Each pilgrim receives one or buys one when, after a long journey, he finally reaches the destination of his pilgrimage. On closer inspection you saw that the pendants in the installation bore no depictions. These medallions, and there were a thousand of them, were one by one sawn out by the artist herself.

- Katelijne Beerten


Suska Mackert - The Andy Warhol Collection, 2008 (object/boek)


13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
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