Rini Hurkmans

The work of Rini Hurkmans creates spaces that are intended as sanctuaries for human intuition, memories, fantasies, desires and feelings of wonder. Places where the opposition between the internal and external world have been bridged. Rini Hurkmans uses several techniques and media as photography, video, sculpture and installation. She thus emphasizes that it is not the outer appearance which is central in her work but the conceptual aspects and content. In the early stages of her career Hurkmans work was sober and often just in black and white; over time color and a large array of visual means have taken a more prominent place.

A recurrent theme in Hurkmans work - the 'unspeakable', that which is not spoken of, which is unmentionable - emptiness and absence are aspects of it - acquires a form which functions on an emotional as well as on a spiritual level. In the recent works the opposite also has been visualized: a sanctuary, a safe place.

In the exhibition Over de mensen en de dingen, Hasselt 2005, Hurkmans presented the video installation Dear Son, 2003. A seated female figure is continuously folding a white shirt on her lap. While the surrounding space in which this endlessly repeated action takes place and the position of the woman doesn't change, the colors in the interior and the clothes of the woman are constantly
different. The patterned pieces of textile date from different periods of history and are from different regions of the world. The colors go from light, spring-like colors through more intense yellows and reds and more subdued colors to nuances of silver, grays and blacks. During the film there is an 'interior monologue' in which the voice of a woman reads a letter to her dead son.

- Marja Bloem


13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
13.02 to 01.05.2005
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